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A Healthy Smile Starts Even Before the First Tooth

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Dental problems can begin at an early age

To prevent future dental complications and get your child started on the path to good oral health, we recommend scheduling your child’s first dental appointment no later than 12 months of age, even if they do not have any teeth. Early examination and preventive care set your child up for success for the rest of their life, starting with the prevention of childhood caries, or baby bottle tooth decay, that can lead to tooth extractions.

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Focused on Lifelong Health

Our pediatric dentists are dedicated to helping your child establish dental habits that will follow them throughout their life for a happy, healthy smile. As a provider of sedation dentistry at Apple Hill Medical Center and Gettysburg Hospital, Dr. DeFilippo can extend these services to you and your child if their dental appointments seem scary to help them calm down and have fun during their visit.
When deemed appropriate, if needed, you and your child may meet with our orthodontist to discuss orthodontic treatment to make their smile even more beautiful by correcting any tooth or bite misalignments that may be present. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your child’s treatment plan.

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