Published: 08/09/2019

You’ll need a shot of a local anesthetic to get through conventional gum disease surgery. For people who already have dental anxieties, worry about a needle for the antiesthetic or the scalpel for the procedure can cause them to put out much needed dental care – even when the situation gets worse. Enter dental lasers. Dental lasers are a minimally invasive alternative to traditional methods for gum disease surgery, though they’re best used before the condition becomes too severe. Learn more about laser dentistry and all the benefits you could enjoy by going this route.

Quicker Recovery

You might spend anywhere from a couple of weeks to a full month or more of recovery time if you have advanced gum disease and go the traditional route. If your condition is not so severe that conventional gum surgery is your only solution, you can go the laser route and enjoy recovery times as short as just 24 hours. Plus, you won’t have to return to the dentist’s office to have sutures removed after your gums heal.

Less Discomfort

You won’t need any form of anesthesia to help get you through laser gum surgery, as you would if you had to undergo traditional gum surgery. That’s because laser dentistry uses finely tuned laser light that can focus only on removed decayed tissue. Going the traditional route, some healthy tissue will inevitably be removed with the decayed tissue. This is why laser dentistry is less painful than going the traditional route and doesn’t require any painkillers to get through.

Shorter Procedure

Because dental lasers are highly accurate and efficient, your time in the chair will be significantly shorter. Another factor that shortens the procedure is that there’s no need for stitches or sutures.

Find Out More

Set up a time to talk with a local dentist to learn more about your options for laser dentistry in Gettysburg, PA. Feel free to ask as many questions about laser dentistry or other minimally invasive ways to fight gum disease at the dentist’s office and at home.

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