Published: 11/14/2019

When Ezekiel Omosanya was in fourth grade and living in Nigeria, he fell face-first into a wall and chipped his front tooth. He came to the United States in 2014 to complete his last two years of high school. In 2016, Ezekiel was admitted to Gettysburg College where he also joined the soccer team. Majoring in Economics with an emphasis in Marketing, Ezekiel excelled not only in classes, but on the soccer field as well, and grew to be one of the team’s favorite members.

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He’s also won the hearts of many teachers and administrators within the school; in particular, Olga Smith, an Administrative Services Assistant who’s worked closely with Ezekiel over the last few years. With graduation right around the corner in May, Ezekiel is hoping to stay in the States and begin a career in the Sports Management field. But it was Olga who showed interest in Ezekiel’s chipped front tooth. While everyone saw Ezekiel’s smile as part of his charm, Olga wanted to ensure Ezekiel’s future was as bright as he was.

She reached out to Gettysburg Dental Associates in late October and asked if Dr. Seidel would be willing to take on his case. As an international student here on an F1 Visa, funds are tight for Ezekiel, and cosmetic dental work wasn’t really an option for him. Olga wanted more for Ezekiel, “Soon he will be interviewing with potential new employers and I want him to be able to present the best version of himself,” Olga said.

Without hesitation, Dr. Seidel happily agreed to repair Ezekiel’s tooth.

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At his appointment on November 1st, Dr. Seidel placed a permanent composite filling on his tooth, giving Ezekiel a complete, bright smile and rendering him almost speechless. “I haven’t seen myself like this since I was young,” Ezekiel emotionally laughed while reclined in the chair, awing at himself in the hand-held mirror. Ezekiel explained how grateful he is that Olga went above and beyond for him, “she just went out of her way, I wasn’t expecting this…..she told me to come to the office and she talked to me about it, and I was like ‘Wow’….so much respect for her.”

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Apparently, going out of your way for Ezekiel is easy; he’s such a beloved member of the soccer team that the rest of the players plan to start a GoFundMe page in January to help bring his parents here for graduation. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen my parents,” Ezekiel said, “and so they were planning on bringing them over here for [my last home game] but the timing was a little tight, so we decided we are going to [do it for] graduation. That will be great, that will be something.” Gettysburg Dental Associates plans to follow Ezekiel’s story and post more information about the GoFundMe page as it comes to us—stay tuned!

Dr. Seidel and his team were so thrilled to help Ezekiel get his bright smile back and we wish him all the best in his future!

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