Published: 12/27/2019

It’s easy to assume oral health is based solely around teeth, but oral health is about the gums as much as it is about the teeth. Sadly, gum disease is one of today’s most prevalent dental issues. As this disease develops, signs and symptoms will include everything from irritation throughout the teeth to bleeding while eating hard foods to bad breath or gingivitis.  While many people may think that feeling a little pain or discomfort while brushing or flossing is not out of the norm, this can actually be a red flag that the gums are swollen, inflamed, and even receding. 

Healthy Gums Equal Fresh Breath

Healthy gums and good breath go hand in hand. Even though many people think that bad breath is merely a result of a meal or skipping brushing and can easily be solved by chewing gum or eating a mint, the source of bad breath is much deeper.

With gum disease, when your gums become inflamed and swollen, your breath becomes unpleasant and odorous with the bacteria in your mouth. Consequently, your breath is much more likely to be enjoyable and better smelling when your gums are healthy and clean. 

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The bottom line is that your breath, either good or bad, is a simple and easy way to judge your gums ‘ wellbeing.

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