Published: 11/08/2019


How to Tell if You Need a Root Canal
Root Canals, thanks to common misconceptions have developed a reputation as the most painful type of dental procedure. However, the truth is root canals are actually not as painful as they are thought to be. Also, they work to address some serious tooth issues, and this is why treated them sooner rather than later is very important. If you are trying to determine whether or not a root canal is needed there are quite a few steps, that you can take to help you accomplish this task. Review all of these steps below:

Signs That a Root Canal Is Needed
There are a few signs that a root canal is needed, but they can be difficult to detect by the patient:

Consistent pain – If a patient is constantly in pain that stems from the gums or the root of the tooth then it is very possible that a root canal may be needed to help alleviate them of the pain.

Swelling – If a patient has any swelling at the point where the tooth is meeting the gums then a root canal is needed especially if the swelling is mainly located closer to the root of the tooth.

From the two different signs discussed above you can observe that a patient who needs a root canal will experience these different occurrences. However, most of the signs will be able to be found by having a dentist examine them through x-rays, the presence of gum pimples, or darkening of the teeth.  Tests can be done such as percussion, thermal, or electric pulp to confirm if a root canal is necessary.

Schedule An Appointment
If you are experiencing pain and have any of the above signs of needing a root canal it’s best if you reach out to your dentist. After scheduling a consultation with your dentist, they can provide you with a dental examination and refer you to an endodontist if necessary, for further examination and also treatment.

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