Published: 10/14/2019

The importance of finding a family dentist is high, because this is the stage where children’s minds are the most malleable. This is ideal, because if you get your children to enjoy going to the dentist and not fear it at a young age, their oral hygiene should remain good as they age. Family dentists teach children starting at a young age how to properly care for their teeth. They also know how to care for every age groups oral health, which is why it should be top of mind to find one.

Family dentists are ideal because of the amount of knowledge they hold. They are capable of handling young children to adult’s teeth and oral care, so everyone in the family can seek treatment from one dentist. The other reason family dentistry is so imperative, is because they can properly handle fear. If a dentist is not used to specifically working with children, when it comes to cavity fillings or any extensive treatment, they more do more damage than good to the child’s view on dentists. Because this is the wheel house for family dentists, fear and anxiety is easier managed.

Family or general dentists are your one stop shop for all of your oral care needs. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, majority of dentists in North America practice general dentistry.

If you are in the market for a new family/general dentist, it is important to find one as soon as you can. It is so significant to teaching kids about oral care and how to maintain their oral hygiene properly. Without the help of family dental practices, more children and young adults would fear going to the dentist for treatments, and would most likely dread going for regular dental cleanings.

Schedule an appointment with your general dentist at your earliest convenience for a consultation. Here, your dental provider will be able to walk you through all of their regular practices and how they handle treatments. Learn more about family/general dentistry, and why it is so necessary.

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