Published: 07/30/2019

For most people, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to paint a horrific mental picture of what their root canal procedure will turn into. Ironically, it can be much harder for some people to picture what will actually happen when your dentist performs a root canal on one of your teeth. Thanks to modern medicine, root canal therapy is a relatively short procedure that is relatively free of pain.

The Worst Pain You May Feel

If you get a root canal as soon as the need for one becomes apparent, you may not experience much pain in the time before your procedure. But if the need for a root canal turns severe, the pain you experience may be worse than anything else you experience from the tooth during or after root canal therapy. It’s because the sensitivity of the nerves become exposed by the cavity in your tooth, which caused the need for the root canal in the first place. Hot and cold food and drink can send near unbearable pain shooting through the exposed nerve.

When you’ll Likely Feel the Least Amount of Discomfort

After a quick prick from a syringe, any pain you feel in the tooth requiring the root canal will be completely numbed. You’ll feel very little, if anything, at the root canal site while your dentist works to remove decayed pulp and nerve tissue from the inside of your damaged tooth. It won’t be until well after your dentist has filled the tooth, sealed it and said goodbye that the local anesthetic you’d been given will finally start to wear off.

Somewhere in Between

After your procedure has concluded and the anesthetic has worn off, you’ll need to take an off-the-shelf pain killer every six to eight hours to keep any pain or swelling away. In just a few days, the swelling and moderate discomfort will completely subside.

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