Relieve Your Pain with Tooth-Saving Root Canal Treatment in Gettysburg, PA

What is a Root Canal?

Modern root canals have advanced from traditional methods into a procedure similar to that of a dental filling. Our doctor starts by cleaning the pulp from the inside of the tooth to rid it of infection and disease-causing bacteria. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like material to provide a stabilizing and protective barrier. For additional protection, the tooth may be covered with a dental crown or filling to prevent any further damage to the area. This treatment can effectively save a tooth from extraction.

Why Root Canal Treatment?

  • Signs of Bone Degradation Around a Tooth
  • Treat an Abscess from Infection Putting Other Teeth at Risk
  • Correct Damage to a Tooth’s Pulp or Nerve Tissue
  • Protect Healthy Teeth from Infection or Decay
  • Save the Affected Tooth from Extraction
  • Alleviate Pain

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Tooth pain or discomfort should never be ignored

If you are experiencing toothaches, swelling or unusual sensitivity to temperatures, your teeth may be trying to alert you of a serious problem. When the soft inner tissue of the tooth, or pulp, becomes infected, it affects the tooth beneath the gum line to the roots. Without treatment, the tooth is at risk of extraction from decay that gradually breaks down the tooth and surrounding structures. To protect your oral health and save the tooth, we offer root canal treatment. Choosing a doctor such as Dr. Eric Seidel, who continues to pursue advanced endodontic training, or the study of the tooth pulp, to perform a root canal offers patients a more complete treatment with reliable results.

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When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

  • Swelling or Inflammation Around a Tooth
  • Severe Toothaches or Pain in an Area
  • Darkening of a Tooth
  • Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Temperatures
  • Necrotic or Dead Tooth

Save your tooth with root canal treatment

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